Ashes, Ashes

Topics: English-language films, Sacrifice, Human sacrifice Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: March 29, 2013
There are many key points that are essential to survival and staying alive. When it comes to life or death knowing how to survive is crucial. ASHES, ASHES was written by Jo Treggiari. The characters journey to self fulfillment is devised by many factors, such as enlightenment/communication/knowledge, friends/sticking together, and sacrifice/betrayal. These are all important to follow when in a time of struggle for your life.

The theme of friendship is powerful and meaningful when it comes to survival. Staying alone in the wilderness is risky. Lucy lived in the jungle for many months. Being exposed to the elements and wildlife she became very ill. When Lucy had encountered the wild dogs for the first time she barely escaped with her life, but ended up with a brutal gash on her left palm. Also, living in the wilderness there is a risk of wild animals killing or harming you, by having a group or team there is strength in numbers. This refugee camp was a new beginning in Lucy's life. Without Lucy having the camp to support her and provide the materials for everyday life she would not have made it a week on her own. At the camp she had been welcomed, treated like family and her sicknesses were treated. Along with the physical harms that Lucy encountered there was also mental harm done. Staying isolated in the jungle takes a toll on your mental state, especially after long periods like Lucy had endured. Staying In the wild alone can make you delusional and will also make you mentally un-stable. Lucy had been isolated from humanity, having no interactions with any humans for over a year and it caused her brain to malfunction (ex. The movie Cast away). After one week at the camp Lucy had restored back to her mental state and was feeling at home with her new family. This shows if you are alone you will be miserable and mentally un-stable, however with the daily interactions with other people you will find happiness and stability. Friends and sticking as a group is vital...
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