Asha Clinic

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Name: Asha Clinic
Address: Mohakhali (opposite Korail Slum area)

Ashreen Mridha
Hs 1, Rd 8,
Sector 13, Uttara,
Dhaka 1230

Razin Mahmud
Hs 43, Rd 23
Banani BLK B
Dhaka 1213.

Muhammad Minhazul Huq
Apartment 4A, House 46, Road 1/A
Old DOHS Banani,

Tasnia Tabassum
Hs 13, Rd 3,
Sector 10, Uttara,
Dhaka 1230


Finances for Asha Clinic will come from Grameen Bank SME Loan (proposing).

This plan is strictly to be held as the ownership of the four entrepreneurs mentioned above. Distribution of capital and profit will be changed according to the owners’ decision. The ideas presented our subject to originality of the entrepreneurs, hence are their ownership and therefore cannot and should not be copied or stolen. If anyone found committing any unscrupulous or unstated action, he/she will be treated according to the law and command.


Engaging in a social business plan is a very complex procedure. It is like starting a company at the same time has to remember not to make profit out of it. We must ensure the self-generation of revenue of the organization. Asha (hope) Shashtho kendro clinic is going to be a social business model which will serve the lower middle and lower class people of a particular geographic area (korail slum, Mohakhali). We are going to introduce a unique method that is a membership system. We will charge a subscription fee to our members and in return will ensure full medical health and facilities offered by our hospital. Non-members have to pay the fees per visit. We have done the industry analysis and what we think that our unique subscription process is going to be our competitive advantage. There is medical college, and other charitable hospital but compared to that, our service is going to of much higher quality since it is a proper business model. The PESTEL analysis suggests that the environment is such that more and more health organizations are needed. As the population is increasing, the government is encouraging more of health service centers. Legality is not going to be an issue, as we will take prior permission to set up the business. As far as Abell’s framework is concerned our customer is going to be the underprivileged people who are deprived from quality treatment. We will be investing in the clinic, mostly into machineries, labors, equipment facilities such as X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasound. We are looking to get back our investment by 3rd year. Any profit after that will go to expansion of our business. We have a strong marketing plan that will appeal to the lower middle class people. Field workforce is the most important for enlightening about the benefits of our company and the unique subscription system. Miking and leaflet is also a part of our IMC. We have also included the financial cash flows and income statement for the transparency of the viability of our clinic. I think Asha Shashtho Kendro is going to be a sustainable business organization and a self-sufficient business model.


Political: The policies regarding business are based on the ideals of politicians in Bangladesh. Although there is no visible political barrier that can hamper or hinder the business implementation of Asha Clinic but unavoidable circumstances can appear in the future which may be due to the growth of this model.

Economy: Dhaka is a city that is rated as one of the most densely populated cities in the world. 69% of the city dwellers lives in the slums and shanties in the city. Although the average income of these people is on Tk.3500-7000, the people can manage to live in harmony and peace as it is rated as the 7th most peaceful city in the world. Due to higher medical diagnosis and treatment...
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