The Storm
This unexpected night of chaos started one afternoon on a warm and humid fall day. I was taking a nap, after a long day at school. I was sound asleep in a deep dream. I was dreaming about going shopping in the New York City, and how I randomly met a celebrity at one of the stores I was shopping in. Quickly, I was awakened by the strong deafening sounds of what was about to be the biggest storm that ever hit my hometown. I woke up utterly confused of what was about to happen. Just as my eyes started to adjust themselves, it began. I could just imagine what the next few hours were going to be like- dark, gloomy and full of fear. The sound of lightening as well as thunder terrifies me. My heart goes in to sheer panic as the loud noises of the storm surfaced. It was dark and dreary scene outside as the storm continues to appear, my heart trembles from the fear of the rain. My mood shifts from energetic to sadness as the grey clouds cover bright blue sky. I start to curl up in to a ball. The winds intensity continues to increase. The noises outside grew louder and louder. The lightning struck a couple times; brightening the whole city. No one was on the road. I could see people with umbrellas rush back to their house so they wouldn’t get drenched by the rain. The tall trees started to move back and forth as the forceful wind pushed against it. Red and brown leaves started to twirl around the ground. Puddles of water covered my entire street. Along came a flash that lit up my whole entire house. My attitude became agitated as the sound of the faint thunderstorms came near. Suddenly as the loud roar above the thunder and the howling of the wind grew louder, my heart starts to skip a beat; once, twice almost three times. The storm sounded like a gigantic train approaching though it certainly was not one. The curtains in my room started to fall apart, frames on my wall began to drop. I quickly realized that the window in my room was still...
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