Asean: The Effects Of Illegal Logging

Topics: Global warming, Deforestation, Carbon dioxide Pages: 5 (1390 words) Published: February 23, 2013
The Effects of Illegal Logging:
Illegal logging and associated illegal trade directly threatens ecosystem and biodiversity in forests throughout Asia and the world. It is having a devastating impact on the world’s forests and negatively the economic and ecological system of optimal forest management. A staggering 80% have already been destroyed or degraded and much of what remains is under threat from illegal logging and destructive illegal logging. Its effects include deforestation, the loss of biodiversity and fueling climate change. ( mafia/resources/resources consequences2.html).

According to the text of the 1998 G-9 meeting held in Birmingham on forest management, “ Illegal logging robs national and sub-national governments, forest owners and local communities of significant revenues and benefits, damages forest ecosystems, distorts timber markets and forest resource assessments and acts as a disincentive to sustainable management. International trade in legally harvested timber including transfer pricing, under invoicing and other illegal practices, exacerbates the problem of Illegal logging”. Natural resources offer a rich opportunity for corruption. ( single.php)

Indeed, environmental crime – illegal logging, theft of public lands, diversion of oil revenues, or other illegal appropriations of public assets – is a modern growth industry that is frequently facilitated by corruption. Studies indicate that while corruption affects all societies, the incidence is particularly high in many of the poorest nations. Bribe-taking, graft, sweetheart deals, political payoffs, influencing peddling, cronyism, patronage and nepotism are a few of its many faces. ( mafia/resources/resources consequences2.html).

Many are confused why global warming or greenhouse effects the environment through illegal logging. Scientifically, only trees can prevent global warming because trees have the ability to deduct the harmful compound of global warming which is Carbon Dioxide. The main cause of global warming is the devastation of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide can make global warming occur. The Carbon Dioxide devastation in the heat of the sun which hits to the earth. The Carbon Dioxide serves trees as its food so that trees prevent Carbon Dioxide to go up in atmosphere that totally it prevent global warming.

Trees and other vegetation can affect precipitation. Trees – particularly their leaf surfaces release water vapor to the atmosphere by the process as transpiration. In a heavily wooded are transpiration is the sources is much of the water vapor in the air – water that may later fall to the Earth in the form of rain.

The temperature of the ground plays an important part in the process of precipitation. A slight difference in the temperature of the soil over which a vapor-laden cloud is sailing may determine whether its moisture will be precipitated or whether the misty vapor will float away without releasing the drop.

For these and possibly other reason, regions shaded by forests receive more rain than barren or deforested areas. Evidence suggests that excessive logging and burning of large forests can actually lead to drought. It has been noted that some areas, logging is followed by decrease in rainfall. Replanting of the same area is then followed by an increase in rainfall.

Flood is another effect of typhoons or hurricanes. The main cause of flood is the large amount of rainfall. Flood forms in the non-elevated areas like the lakes. The water in the non-elevated areas is come from elevated areas like the mountains. The water in mountains goes downward due to gravitational force. What will happen if the non-elevated areas are full of water? They will collapse eventually. (

According to an...
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