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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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One Vision, One Identity, One Community
In this modern era, there are so many changes in some sectors in the world like education, politic, health, social, economy, and cultural. Those changes have given advantages also disadvantages to our people. In Asia there is a famous and popular organization whose focus for respond all those changes. It is ASEAN. Well ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ilham Salaeh mathayom 5 Attarkiah Islamiah School and today I would like to present to you all my opinions about the vision of ASEAN “One Vision, One Identity, One Community.” First, ASEAN should focus more on youth activities in the Region to make them all have the same vision to be living in the same community. Secondly, the cultural activities of ASEAN. And the last but not least, the three fundamental and how it going to create the advantages to ASEAN in many ways. I would like to begin with the first point which is ASEAN should focus more on Adolescence or youth activities in the Region. Adolescence is a critical time for leadership development. Developing leadership in youth can bolster self-esteem, prevent risky behavior, and serve as a springboard for successful adulthood. Yet many adolescents are never offered the chance to act as leaders, and adult leadership models are often inappropriate for teens, who have unique developmental needs. So ASEAN need to increase more of youth activities that cover the needs on the early stage to improve in the important skill of youth in the region to catch up and make ability equal in all youth in other regions and take care the rolls of youth in the area. ASEAN have to look at how the future leader of the country in 21st century is going to perform and whether they are concerned in progressing and improving the ability in order to stand on the world stage of these groups of people. It leads to my second point, the cultural activities of ASEAN. In the ASEAN countries we all have very unique cultural activities of our own which...
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