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Jerry Spinelli
I. Porcupine Necktie
A. When I was twelve, we moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona. B. Uncle Pete gave me his porcupine necktie as a going-away present. C. I started a porcupine necktie collection.
D. My mother called the local newspaper to say that Leo Borlock collects porcupine neckties. E. For my birthday, I received a porcupine necktie from an unknown source. F. We were all being watched.

II. Chapter 1
A. There is a new girl in school named Stargirl Caraway.
1. She wore a very long white dress with ruffles.
2. The dress looked like her grandmother’s wedding gown. 3. Stargirl had sandy colored hair.
4. She carried a ukulele.
5. She carried a canvas bag with a sunflower on it.
6. Stargirl has been homeschooled.
B. Hot Seat
1. In school TV show started a year ago.
2. Leo producer; Kevin on air host.
3. Student interviewed monthly.
C. Stargirl strums her ukulele and sings.
1. She was marching among the tables.
2. She was twirling.
D. Stargirl’s facial appearance.
1. She wore no make-up.
2. Freckles over the bridge of her nose.
3. Eyes as big as deer’s eyes caught in head lights.
E. Leo and Kevin decide to put Stargirl on Hot Seat.

III. Chapter 2
A. Hillari Kimble calls Stargirl fake.
1. She says that Stargirl is an actress and that she is a scam. 2. Hillari says that the administration wants more school spirit because it was too dead last year. 3. Hillari Kimble’s theory spread throughout the school and was widely accepted. 4. Leo does not believe that Stargirl is a plant.

B. Stargirl wears unique clothing.
1. Stargirl wore a 1920s flapper dress.
2. She wore Indian buckskin.
3. Stargirl wore a kimono.
4. She wore a denim miniskirt with green stockings and crawling up one leg was a parade of enamel ladybug and butterfly pins. 5. Normal for her was long floor-brushing pioneer dresses and skirts. C. Stargirl asks weird questions in class.

1. Stargirl asks about trolls, in U.S. History class.
2. She made up a song about isosceles triangles called “Three Sides Have I, But only Two Are Equal.” 3. She joined the cross-country team.
a. She runs left when they run right.
b. She kept running and they kicked her off the team.
D. A girl saw Stargirl’s pet rat, Cinnamon inside of her canvas bag. E. Stargirl stays out in the rain and dances when the teacher says to come inside. F. Leo thinks of Stargirl in the moonlight and comes to realize that Stargirl is real.

IV. Chapter 3
A. Kevin and Leo fight daily about putting Stargirl on Hot Seat. 1. Every day, Kevin asked Leo if we signed Stargirl up.
2. Leo didn’t want to put Stargirl on Hot Seat.
3. He wanted to leave Stargirl “alone.”
B. “Hillari’s Hypothesis,” called by Kevin was theories about Stargirl. 1. She was trying to get herself discovered for the movies. 2. She was sniffing fumes.
3. She was homeschooling gone amok.
4. She was an alien.
5. She lived in a ghost town in the desert.
6. She lived in a bus.
7. Her parents were circus acrobats.
8. Her parents were witches.
9. Her parents were brain-dead vegetables in a hospital in Yuma. C. Stargirl continued to be unique.
1. She laughed when there was no joke.
2. She danced when there was no music.
3. She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person in school. 4. She said there was no television in her house.
5. She was elusive, she was today, and she was tomorrow.
D. Leo followed Stargirl after school.
1. They trekked all over Mica.
2. Through the Tudorized shopping center, skirting the electronics business park around the city. 3. Stargirl pulled out a piece of paper and put it in somebody’s mailbox. 4. Leo read it and it said “CONGRATULATIONS!” and was unsigned. 5. Stargirl kept going pass the highway into the...
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