Topics: Cheung Kong Holdings, Management, Hutchison Whampoa Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Richest Chinese Li Ka-shing and his characteristics

Jianghui Yang

COLL 148

February 13, 2013

Professor: Yvette Ricks

Week 5 Leadership Outline: 100 points

I. Li Ka shing is the businessman which I admire. I would like to introduce some of him characteristics and points out how those characteristics are helpful for me to succeed in future college and career. A. My paper is about what are the characteristics of the richest Chinese Li Ka-shing and why he is a good leader to teach me leadership skills and individual accountability to success in college and career. B. Anthony B.Chan (1997) claims that “Li Ka-shing is the richest man in Asia and eleventh global fortune according to Forbes in 2011. Li Ka-shing is the boss of conglomerates Hutchison Whampoa, Cheung Kong Holdings and Watson Group, the world leader in port management.” C. The purpose of this paper is to display what characteristics Li Ka-shing has and how those characteristics has helped him and will help me to success in business field. D. Li Ka-shing is the most hard-working, talentful and smart businessman I have ever known and he has many characteristics for me to learn.

II. My major is Business Administration and I will concentrate in Finance. A. I am choosing this field from the influence of my father. My father is a businessman and he made me be interested in business and owning a successful company. B. I am planning to graduate in May 2014. Before that I need to take 4 courses in each session. That would be little stressful for me but I believe I can and I must consist.

III. The leader I choose is Li Ka-Shing
A. Because he has a big influnce on me and he has many good characteristics that I need to learn to succeed in future. He has shown me how to become a good businessman in my field of study.

B. According to Ajaero Tony Martins “he is so rich that his business interest spans 90 countries and one of his companies account for 11.5% of Hong Kong’s stock market value....
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