January 3, 2011
Past, Forward
A cliche blog topic for the New Year, but nonetheless still interesting. Highlights of the past year:
1. Ended a relationship which had both of us growing more confident with ourselves. I am so proud of her for becoming a stronger woman. 2. Started opening my heart, not to mention my ears, to others. It was in vulnerability that I found strength from my neighbors, the faint stars twinkling beside and behind me. I found an unlikely family in the process. 3. Held on to my faith a lot stronger. I aimed for the impossible, and believe I could have it someday, somehow. I remind myself of Ray, the firefly, from The Princess and the Frog. True enough, it feels like my dreams are not far anymore, but just out there. 4. Was challenged by authority, hence my tenure at the emergency room ended. I was transferred to the pediatrics ward, and was amazed on how adaptable I have become. 5. At one point, I found myself taking my profession seriously, working long hours to get things right. 6. I started to feel and yearn to live a minimalist life. I am still fumbling on how to get this started, but I am getting ideas. 7. I challenged kickboxing, running a marathon, and… gasp! My greatest frustration, DANCING. I did it right, and I want to continue it next year. 2010 was honestly a stagnant year for me, but in the stagnancy there was a slowly building steadiness of will to achieve. It was like building a solid ground, a platform, for the better things to come. And now, I can safely say I know and feel what I want. Never was I a fan of resolutions because it gives me  a sense of pressure and frustration when nothing gets done. Instead, I opt to walk on my own pace, doing things bit by bit. Because now I know that change takes a long time before it gets its imprint onto permanency. My word for the 2011: BLOOM. I am confident I will bloom with wisdom, beauty, maturity and strength this year! Things I look forward to:

1. Mia @ 23. For the first time...
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