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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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What is a Lady Knight? She is strong, patient, smart, kind, spirited, and humble, yet she knows that she has just as much potential to succeed as anyone. She is helpful, genuine, considerate, respectful, motivated, and dedicated to whatever she pursues. She knows when and how to get her point across, but she does so with grace. She is a true lady. As a Lady Knight, I have learned to adapt all these qualities to ameliorate myself, on and off the court. I have learned that volleyball, like any sport, requires everything you have. You have to play with heart; you have to play with a purpose. Being a Lady Knight has taught me strength. Strength of character, strength of body, of mind, of will. There are times in life where your willpower is tested, and how you handle the challenges really determines what kind of person you are. There will be disappointments, there will be victories, but it will always arduous. I’ve learned that in volleyball, you can’t just do the normal and expect to get better; you have to go above and beyond to achieve your goals. Being a Lady Knight has also taught me the importance of teamwork. My teammates mean the world to me. They’ve always been there. They will stand by your side and never give up on you. Even on your worst days, they’ll stick with you because they believe in you. I love being a Lady Knight because of how close we all are. When we step out onto the court, we’re different than other teams. We’re one big efficient TEAM. We are fallible, but knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses has enabled us to play according to one another, and succeed. We’ve put aside the small differences we may have and gained each other’s trust and respect. We spend day in and day out together, in school and out, and this, I really believe, is what makes us a whole. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys… Finally, being a Lady Knight has helped me, I believe, become a better individual myself. It has shaped me, molded me, and changed me for...
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