Topics: Malaria, Aedes aegypti, Mosquito control Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Placement: Co-nursing student and Clinical Instructor Ateneo de Zamboanga University Date: February 2 2013 General Objective: To gain more knowledge College of Nursing Clinical Area: City health office

about Chikungunya.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES| CONTENT| TIME ALLOTMENT| STRATEGY| EVALUATION| At the end of the discussion, the patient shall be able to :1. Understand what is Chikungunya all about;2. Identify what is the cause of Chikungunya ;3. Who are at risk for Chikungunya ;4. What are the signs and symptoms of Chikungunya;5. Have the idea or information how to treat a person with Chikungunya .| DEFINITION: Chikungunya has become the principal jolt in the world at present. After dengue and SARS, now Chikungunya has shocked people of the world. At some places, Chikungunya is called Chicken Guinea. Actually this is misunderstanding, as Chikungunya has no relationship with chicken. The condition known as sandhi jwara in Sanskrit has the similar symptoms to chikungunya. Sandhi jwara which means 'pain in joints' and this is one of the primary symptoms of chikungunya.CAUSE: The mosquitoes that cause infection due to the Chikungunya virus in Africa and Asia are the same mosquitoes that cause yellow fever and dengue fever in many parts of the world. Hence many parts of the world could be affected by the Chikungunya virus. Genetic analysis of the Chiungunya viruses reveal that there are two distinct types of the virus - one contains all isolates from western Africa and the second comprising all southern and East African strains, as well as isolates from Asia (3). So far there is no evidence to indicate that there is a person-to-person transmission of the disease....
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