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Peer Evaluation Form for Group Work

Write the name of each group member (including yours!) in a separate column. For each group member, indicate the degree to which you agree with the statements on the left, using a scale of 1-4 (1=strongly disagree; 2=disagree; 3=agree; 4=strongly agree). Total the numbers in each column.

Evaluation Criteria
J. Doe
(example)Your Name:Group member:Group member:Group member:Group member:Group member: Responded quickly. Available for meetings. 4Alyssa MayAnne QuellaJianpei LuLauren Retz Is punctual in attending scheduled group sessions 4101 Contributes meaningfully to group discussions4123

Completes group assignments on time3043
Prepares work in a quality manner4042
Demonstrates cooperative and supportive attitude4344
Contributes overall to the success of the project4233 TOTALS:2771716

1.Provide specific comments about any group members.
Jianpei was really hard to get a hold of in the beginning and was not able to meet after we were in contact. He missed the first meeting completely and I’m not sure he’s even talked to the other girls. Once I gave him a part of the project to work on, he finished it very quickly (which was really nice). Lauren worked well on the project and other than her not following the directions in the beginning and being hard to get a hold of, she did well working on the project. Anne, however, was awful to work with. She didn’t finish the project until today (Monday 4/14) and would not respond to any text messages that I sent to her. She was very difficult to work with. 2.How effectively did your group work?

Our group did not work effectively. We met on one occasion and did not meet again after that. I attempted several times (as in more than 5) to contact them to meet again to tie up loose ends, but was unsuccessful. 3.Identify any problems or disputes that occurred during your...
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