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By | June 2012
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Theme: Pharmacists’ Role in Diabetes Management
Date/Time: 22 June 2012 1:30 – 4:30PMVenue: CME & Convention Center, Natrapharm-Patriot, Inc. Topic 1: Diabetes: The New Epidemic of the 21st Century Speaker: Susan Yu-Gan, MD, FPCP Topic 2: Parenteral Feeding in Diabetes Patients: Pharmacists’ Role in Glycemic Control Speaker: Catherine Carlos, MD, DPAFP, DPBCN I. Program5 (YES)43 (SO-SO)21 (NO)

a. Was the Program well organized?
b. Were the topics relevant to you?
c. Was most of the information presented new to you? d. If you attended, was the Hospital Tour experience positive? e. If you attended, was the Fellowship Night experience positive?

Comments on the program:

II. Speakers5 (YES)43 (SO-SO)21 (NO)
i. Were the speakers informative, prepared and understandable? ii. Were the materials presented understandable? iii. Were the questions and discussion handled to your satisfaction?

Comments on the speakers:

III. Logistics5(YES)43(SO-SO)21(NO)
f. Was the venue/session hall adequate?
g. Was the symposium food good?
h. Were the session starting and times convenient? i. Was your registration handled smoothly?
j. Was the schedule convenient?
k. Did you find about the convention in a timely manner?
Comments on Logistics:

IV. Taking it with you….5(YES)43(SO-SO)21(NO) l. Did you gain insight about the pharmacists’ role in diabetes management? m. Overall, was the symposium worthwhile?

n. Will you take action(s) on what you learned about?

V. Tell us a little about yourself
NAME ______________________________________________________________________________ SEX_________AGE_________ HOSPITAL...

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