Topics: Tracking, Mobile phone, University Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Fairview Campus
Asia's First Largest IT University
Block 61, Lot 28-31, Bristol St. Cor. Regalado Ave., Fairview, Q.C.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Name of Proponents:
Domalanta, Lovely Jane S.
Pacete, Josephia S.
Ricaplaza, Kathyrine L.

1.0Proposed Thesis Title

“Android Tracking Device Application for AMA Computer College Fairview Campus Students.”

2.0Areas of Investigation

The proposed title will be conducted at the AMA Computer College Fairview Campus. It is for the students to help them to track your lost or stolen phone.
3.0Reasons for Choosing the Topic

The Tracking Device Application will help those people who uses android mobile to trace their phone if there something happen or if there are bad person who take or stolen their phone. This system will help the students to know where their phone left or placed because some of the students they forget where they placed it. And also we know that Android phones are prone to the thief, So that we need an alternative way to avoid this incident.

4.0 Importance of the Study

The significance of the study is to prevent loss of phone and the system will make more secured and accurate. With their Android devices they can locate lost and stolen android phone.

5.0Target Users/Beneficiaries

The target users of this proposal would be the students of AMA Computer College Fairview Campus.

6.0Similarities to Previous Study/Project

We based our proposed title in this concept of this system
is the main basis for this study.

Recommending Approval: Approved By:

Ms. Cecile Torella _____________________ Thesis Professor
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