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  • Published: August 26, 2013
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PESTEL Analysis for Quiet Revolution Ltd

1)Political1.1)The pressure undergone by the governments around the world to move towards sustainability1.1.A) EU has set targets to its member states to increase the use of renewable energy from the total energy consumption, by year 2020. Therefore the pressure on the governments are high achieve the assigned levels of sustainability in energy consumption and also reduce carbon emissions

1.1.B) British Local authorities who grant permissions for new installations of renewable energy generators are expected to contribute to the national targets of carbon emission
1.1.C) The current planning policy guidance in UK encourages policies that promotes all the available renewable energy resources where Quiet Revolution promotes its superior service by providing guidance on the relevant processes

1.2) Creating sources of income to encourage people to use renewable energy, specially wind power1.2.A) Introduction of Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme in UK which provide incentives to people for generating electricity using small wind turbines as well as for transmitting any surplus produced, to the national grid (1 kWh = 27p). This has encouraged small – scale, self electricity generation for small businesses and households, hence can increase the wind turbine sales of Quiet Revolution Ltd

1.3) Support and guidance provided by governmental agencies to promote the use of renewable energy 1.3.A) The website operated by Renewable Energy Centre (a UK agency) provide details about renewable energy options and renewable energy companies can advertise their products there which can be used by Quiet Revolution to promote itself

1.3.B) The Welsh Assembly Government has supported Quiet Revolution Ltd by investing in advanced assembly plant, enabling the company to cope up with rapidly growing worldwide demand for wind mills

1.3.C) The UK Department of Trade and Industry...
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