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The Bharata Theatre in Jakarta
Tour of Jakarta in Indonesia remains incomplete without knowing about the culture of the area. And Music Clubs and theaters in Jakarta is probably the wisest ways to explore the emerging culture of the area. Traditional theater and the cosmopolitan music is still revered by locals and tourists. The ethnic and immigrant population of Jakarta still maintaining their traditional forms of art. And the art form that is regularly practiced in various centers of art So if you are looking for some things to do in Jakarta or you are in a condition of entertainment, a visit to theaters such as The Bharata Theatre in Jakarta, is commendable.

You must have heard the stories about Javanese Wayang Wayang Wong or Orang. This kind of dance dramas are exceptional in the Javanese culture and through dance dramas, the episodes of the famous Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabarata usually narrated. People throng to the Bharata Theatre in Jakarta to watch the kind of dance drama. The Wayang Wong dance drama will be shown every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. If you want to witness the drama, you will arrive by 8:15 and stay until midnight. Located in the Jalan Pasar Senen Kalilio 15, The Bharata Theatre is set in a large area with a traditional Javanese front. The drama of the dance is usually held in Bahasa Indonesia language, a word of Malay and Javanese languages. Interestingly enough, the story narrated by the Wayang Orang, also related to Javanese legends that come from the courts of Central Java. While the music of the gamelan is a necessary element, drama and comedy blends themselves in the performance of the dramatic form - Wayang Wong. We assure you to enjoy the dancing sequences and fight scenes, which are great characters striving for power or striving to suppress the forces of evil.

In fact, there are many other theaters in Jakarta where you can watch the traditional performances of Indonesia like as Wayang Kulit...
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