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ASDA Group, a entirely-owned subsidiary of Wal-Mart. AG runs about three hundred fifty six stores that mainly sell groceries and apparel. Its head-office is in Leeds, and manpower is about 1,60, 000.

ASDA is an abbreviation of Asquith and Dairies, often capitalized. For a short time in the 1980s ASDA Stores Ltd was a subsidiary of ASDA-MFI plc following a merger between the two companies.

Price means the Value of the product is the main important for the company as it directly effects the profit of the company so while making price value for the product they should be careful, everyone knows that Sainsbury products which we buy will be in reasonable price not too much high or not to much low they will provide for reasonable price .The price of ASDA product is reasonable and comparatively cheap in term of other same type of products in the field of super market. Promoting:-

How the business informs customers that products are available and ready to buy is known as Promotion. It's like a coin. One side of the coin is above the line or below the line. The promotion method of Sainsbury's and ASDA is almost similar even in some differences prevailing. Promoting is nothing but informing about the product to the customers. There are several sources available for the Sainsbury as well as to promote the product they are: Advertisment:

This promotion is a kind of direct marketing of the specific or non specific products or services for the organizations. Such as the commercial advert for the TV, Internet or newspaper, Billboard, neon sign advertisement. Both company is mostly depended on that kinds of promotions. Swots Analysis Of Asda:

ASDA Group is the second largest food retailer in the UK. Asda, being a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, enjoys strong financial stability and brand recognition. Additionally, the company's growing market share strengthens its foothold in the UK grocery market. I n t e r n al| E x t e r n a l|

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