Asda’s Recruitment Process

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: September 5, 2012
ASDA’s Recruitment Process 1. Job Creation Strategy & Achievements At ASDA we recruit colleagues on the basis of their attitude and personality rather than qualifications and skills. We then train our successful candidates to develop their skills. The recruitment process normally starts 20 weeks prior to a new store opening. The new store’s People Service Manager works with the ASDA head office Resourcing Team to recruit local people. At this point we engage with Jobcentre Plus and set up a Local Employment Partnership (LEP). Since 2008, we have employed over 6,900 colleagues through LEPs. We also have an established relationship with Remploy – the leading provider of employment opportunities for disabled people – and have employed over 200 Remploy candidates since 2008. ASDA commits substantial resources towards the training and development of all of our colleagues. Since 2001, our in-house Stepping Stones development programme has enabled 3,000 hourly paid colleagues to move into department manager roles. Local Employment Partnerships ASDA has committed all of its new stores to LEPs and these are also used for any replacement recruitment for existing stores. Some of the recruitment measures ASDA uses as part of its LEPs include: o o o o Continually reviewing the recruitment process to ensure it is as inclusive as possible. Working to support the Jobcentre Plus in one-to-one mentoring of long term unemployed people to help prepare them for a return to work. Introducing work trials and work experience programmes to give people the chance to reacquaint themselves with the work place. Creating pre-employment training materials that are genuinely relevant to the modern workplace in conjunction with Jobcentre Plus.

Recruitment Process The recruitment and preparation process has three stages: 1. Applicants’ forms are reviewed (all paper based). 2. Applicants that progress through the first stage go on to the ‘ASDA Magic’ assessment. Our recruitment squads observe...
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