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Topics: Color, Modernism Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Mark Norman
Period 7 digital art final
I like how colorful your label me is. – Andrew Allen
I like the pop art colors Mario Malik
The projects were good and the label used really good colors and design.- james Beasley Nicole: I loved the intricate detail on your traced face project!!! You looked like you spent a lot of time. Kayla and Maddie- I really like all the colors and your label me was really cool and colorful. Evan Schek: Your playing colors really catch your eye. Good colors! Aleah: Your Dragon in your Ai work has great color to it and the background really makes it pop! I like it a lot! Roxanna: I like how colorful you label me is.

Reyna:your pop art its really good I really like it and your lebel me Carlos Castanon: Your Label me is creative. I’ve never seen any like it. Also the playing cards you have demonstrate the great creativity you have. Corrie VanLaanen: the dragon is really cool and the background for your cards is really good at tying the cards together. Tristan Sargent Sayz: “Awesome! The line art dragon uses a nice blend of color contrast and balance but still gives just enough emphasis to it as well. Plus I personally like the playing cards because Borderlands 2 is an awesome game and I don’t care who says otherwise!” Sierrah: I really liked your pop art!!! The values are great and they look very professional! Huiyuan-MARK!!!Guess who this is! Anyways I really liked you’re playing cards they are very creative and I liked the backgrounds that you used for each picture because they balanced really well Alex- that dragon is freaking awesome! I also think you label me is awesome the texture is so great and the unity is amazing by far the best one I have seen. Good job Kaia Femenias: Your project is really good! The label me is great with awesome colors, but I’d have to say that my favorite part is Mr. Daly in your pop art. Jamie Turcotte- The dragon looks freaking awesome. I love your Label Me....
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