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Samuel Mercuri
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Computers do not recognize letters, text, or words. They only deal with numbers. To get computers to work with text, we have to represent each character as a number.

The text files you read and write are actually stored, loaded into memory, and transposed into numbers. When the file is shown on your screen, the numbers are transposed again into letters and text. The first 31 ASCII codes control commands, or non printable characters that control how the data will be interpreted.

ASCII is a computer code originally based on the letters of the English alphabet. It is an acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is used to represent text in computers, communications equipment, and texting devices. Each letter and number is given an ASCII code. Certain commands are also given an ASCII code. For example, the ASCII code for A is 65, and the ASCII code for 4 is 52. Work on the ASCII code started in 1960, and in 1968 President Lyndon B Johnson mandated that all computers purchased by the United States government support ASCII code. Computers use ASCII code to communicate with each other.

The following table shows the ASCII code for letters, numbers, and commands. The ASCII code for the word “Bears” would be: 66 101 97 114 115. Note that the ASCII code is different for uppercase and lowercase letters.

B: 66
e: 101
a: 97
r: 114
s: 115

By the same token- the code: 68 105 115 110 99 121 would read “Disney” once transposed.

68: D
105: i
115: s
110: n
99: e
121: y

You could see these as an example of how we use our computers to communicate. We type letters and words, the computer transposes them into a code that it can understand and sends it to your friend’s computer. Your friend’s computer understands the code and transposes it back into text so your friend can read what you wrote.

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