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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Victoria EdwardEdwards 1
Mrs. Scantlin
ASB Period 5
ASB Essay

As a student of the AAE I think ASB is the perfect place for a student like me. Also not only that, but I could help in any situation needed. ASB needs determinate students like myself. I`ve always loved helping with the school any chance I get. For example, I can help get students participate in school activities. I would also like to be in ASB for the experiences, and could help me later on in my life. I want to be in ASB because it finishes what it starts and makes it over the top every time.

I could bring new ideas, help, domination, care, enthusiasm, participation, quality, willingness, motivation, leadership, and citizenship. For ASB I would help with the dances by setting up and cleaning up, and everything else. I`m not a student who says that they promise, but never keeps it, I`m a student who keeps that promise. I`m a hard worker because I get the job done by pushing myself, while doing it well. Like so a bowling fundraiser for ASB, or to raise money for breast cancer.

I would promote school spirit by influencing my peers, by telling them to where a college shirt on Friday and to dress up for spirit week. Also by participating in school spirit week, and Fridays myself. With that have more students get involved with sports, supporting our school, and other sports. For example, coming to some games or posting filers about that sport or event. Having students come to dances, sporting events, and other school functions.

Edwards 2
Yes, I will be there committed, on time, and after school. I will be devoted to ASB knowing it takes a lot of extra time, hard work, and dedication. I am very committed to what I do and how I do it. I don’t like to give up because I’m very determined to finish what I started. I will not stop till it`s over or perfect. I`m very committed to everything I do like, grades, homework, friends, and sports.

I`m committed, determined,...
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