Asam Pedas Buah Melaka

Topics: Malaysia, Malacca, Malacca Town Pages: 4 (759 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Dataran Pahlawan,Melaka

• Restaurant Asam Pedas Buah Melaka is a new restaurant that introduce a healthy twist to the very famous and traditional Melaka Dishes. • Why using Buah Melaka in our cooking? o Lowering high blood pressure. o Fevers. o o Provide energy to the body. Asthma and respiratory problems ..

• Our restaurant focuses on a melaka dish known as asam pedas, which is famous everywhere. But since asam pedas restaurants are everywhere in melaka, we were able to introduce a unique and distinctive flavour in our asam pedas by introducing buah melaka into our dish. Its also reflect

• Malacca is an important tourist attraction in Malaysia • According to tourism Malaysia, in the first four months 4 million tourists visited Malacca ,3 Millions are local Malaysians • Assam Pedas is the main food delicacy in Malacca • Projected in 2012, 12.5 Millions tourists to come and visit Malacca • At least 50% would eat Assam Pedas • At least 10% will come to our shop

• 12 million tourists will visit Malacca by the end of 2012( NST 14 June 2012) • 8 million are Malaysians so there is huge market for F&B • Assam Pedas is the dish in Malacca and everyone who visits Malacca will stop by to taste it. • The highest number of tourists visits the city center and the tourist attractions around the Dataran Pahlawan • There are 4 famous Assam Pedas restaurants in and around Dataran Pahlawan.

• Since Malaysia is holiday rich, there is enough tourist supply through out the year when we include the foreign tourist as well. • Other Assam Pedas restaurants provides the same type of food and services; with our added value services we believe we can attract the customers as well

Target Market
• Majority Malaysian tourists • Young families who travel in their own cars • Families with mostly toddlers to primary school going kids • Local office workers • Foreign...
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