Topics: Bullying, English-language films, Discrimination Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Outsiders, what is an outsider? Outsiders are people, who are not accepted by different social group, they might have different skin colour or they are disfigured in some sort of way. But even though they are excluded from society they are the ones that can best explain what an outsider feels like and can experience all the extraordinary events we hear and dream about.

No good has ever come from being rude to anyone, no good has ever come from getting into fights, no good has ever come from excluding anyone in society, but for some reason some people in Australia think it is okay to discriminate and shout racist remarks at people without white skin. It’s a disgrace, and everyone in the world should agree that racism should not exist.

This cannot be happening. All around the world Australia is defined as a multicultural country with no discrimination of any kind, without this reputation Australia would be nothing it would be bland and boring with a sea of white. Multiculturalism is what makes and defines Australia as a great nation. How would you feel if one day you went down to the beach and some guy yells at you to get out of their country or find another country to overrun? Would you feel good about yourself at all?

For example, Jeremy Fernandez a well-respected ABC news reporter was sitting on the bus one day when someone’s child was flicking his. He asked the child’s mother to stop it, but the mother responded with racist slander. He was about to move when she said something that even Jeremy could not shy away from. This was his Rosa park moment, but when the bus driver stopped the bus instead of throwing the women out he told Jeremy to get off. Is this how you would treat someone in our country? Even when the mother was yelling insults only one of the bystanders tried to stop her, it is such a disgrace on how racism has and still is affecting Australia

Racism isn’t the only way to define being an outsider; it can also be defined through...
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