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Topic: ECE Mini Projects
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1. Mobile based device monitoring system 2. Locker Security Monitor 3. Robo Design to pick everyday objects 4. GPS Based train or bus or Aircraft Collision Avoidance 5. ETHERNET BASED INDUSTRIAL MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM 6. WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEM FOR APARTMENTS 7. Accident identification with auto dialer 8. Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm 9. Data Logger With Graphics Display 10. Remote Mouse Controlled Automation 11. Oscilloscope using Graphics LCD 12. ID Card Identification System 13. Car security system using Microcontroller 14. Implementation of CAN communication between 8051 microcontrollers 15. HOME AUTOMATION USING CAN 16. INTELLECTUAL SPEED CONTROL USING PROXIMITY SYSTEM & RF 17. TRACKING AND BREAKING SYSTEM FOR VEHICLES 18. Intelligent Traffic Light Switching for Emergency 19. INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENT LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT 20. RF Card Based Security Accessing. 21. Scrolling message Display 22. GSM based digital notice board 23. Centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries 24. Glass Breakage Detector 25. PC> printer communication through power line 26. Motor Speed control using IR Sensor 27. Gsm based Water level monitoring system 28. Tension control system 29. Control Design for Vehicle Speed With Multilevel Using Wireless Communication Technology 30. Portable Recording System for Monitoring Vehicle Speeds 31. ETHERNET BASED PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM 32. DC Motor Speed controlled using Remote 33. PC interfaced Data Acquisitions System 34. Prepaid Card for Call Taxi 35. Vehicle Accident Prevention Using eye Blink Sensor 36. Temperature Monitoring using Thremistor 37. TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER BASED DRIVING SYSTEM 38. Stepper Motor controlled By Remote Control 39. Personal Safety And Tracking Through GPS 40. TRANSFORMER MONITORING 41. Digital IC Tester 42. Embedded lift controller 43. Machine control & fault recognition through telephone 44. CAN BASED DEVICE CONTROL USING GSM

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ECE Mini Projects: Projects Q A, Guidance for your projects

45. Congestion Control In ATM Networks Using ASIC in VLSI 46. Design of USB host 47. Monitoring System for UPS. 48. ZIGBEE BASED HEART RATE MONITORING 49. INTELLIGENT LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 50. Remote Dish Positioning System 51. Telephone Switching 52. Capacitance Meter 53. OUTDOOR LOCATION TRACKING USING GPS AND RFID 54. Programmable Serial Hub 55. Attendance recorder 56. Code Modulation Based Encryption and Decryption Technique for Secure Communication in Wireless 57. SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR RAILWAYS 58. On>load Tap>change for power transformer...
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