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Topics: The Tip, A Good Day Pages: 12 (4424 words) Published: February 17, 2013

Technological Institute
of the Philippines

Guidance and Counseling Center

Allan Inandan

Daily Journal:

January 07, 2013: Setting Up A New Milestone

Though Technological Institute of the Philippines was never my first choice of the school that I wanted to have for the Educational Setting for my On-The-Job Training (OJT) experience, there are no regrets that I have on my mind when I inquire and request for acceptance in this school. It was a sunny day. I was standing at the street, looking at the gates and then starring at the huge black and yellow colored board with the name TIP on it. As i inquire and give my ID at the visitor's area and signed as an OJT, i looked forward for the experiences that I would be having on that school. The guidance office is located in the 3rd floor of the building. Accessible through the narrow stairs, as I open the door, cold breeze reaches my skin as the large room was air-conditioned inside. I noticed that some students, I mean lot of students where inside. Some are waiting and sitting and some are chatting with the counselors. We were welcomed warmly when we asked for Dra. Evangeline P. Rodil, head of the Guidance and Counseling Center, for the OJT application. Later on, we were asked to join her in the head's office. She was easy to talk to and accepted us as we present our requirements. She discussed about their own guidelines and the things we will be doing and the do's and don’ts. Besides that, she also asked us about some information toward our school and later on, about our careers as psychologist students and trainees. She also had given us some advice and tips as a student. We were accepted and we will begin our OJT for 100 hours in Educational setting in TIP tomorrow. I am looking forward for tomorrow as a new milestone has been set.

January 08, 2013: First Step

Official first day on TIP as an OJT, I arrived and timed-in 8:00 in the morning. I noticed I wasn't the first OJT to arrived, as I saw another student waiting inside and sitting in the meeting area. Her name is Gabby, also an OJT student from Fatima University - Lagro branch. I think that she is one of the students yesterday that are already starting his hours as an OJT at TIP yesterday and the ones that Maam Rodil has mentioned that she had accepted student from other university to also be an OJT here at TIP. I had never had the chance to talk with her while waiting for Ms. Jinky Reginio. Ms. Jinky Reginio, the psychometrician in the Guidance and Counseling Center will be handling us OJT students as she will give us task and duties as we spend time here in TIP along with Mrs. Regina Damian, junior assitant. Maam Jinky looks young while Maam Regine doesn't look like married and has children. As soon as Maam Jinky had arrived and prepared, I become eager and asked her where to begin. For starters, she says, she given me the results of the test that I'm not quite familiar with; the Filipino Work Values Scale - instrument/ test in which determines work values specifically for Filipinos. I had determined the percentile rank of the students and interpreted them as Strong, Average and Weak. Strong means that they excel in that category, average means normal and Weak means that they are lacking in that category. I had found myself that I had been productive in this day because I had finished more than hundreds of test results from different courses in ARCH, BSE, and CE. Along doing the process of determining percentile and determining them, I have found ways to somehow enjoy it and not got bored on doing it repetitively by challenging myself to find ways to lessen the time to finish the task by creating shortcuts for an example for finishing first a category of my choice, or by memorizing the percentile rank and the equivalent of the test score result to immediately determine the percentile and interpretation. It helps me a lot as I enjoyed doing it at the same time making me more...
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