As I Lay Dying

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Terrence Hutcherson
February 27, 13
English 1102: 10:00 10:50
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The novel As I Lay Dying, is a story about a family with conflicting agendas are leaving town to grant their mother’s wishes to be buried in Jefferson. Suggesting that each character is motivated by greed, the author, William Faulkner tells the story in a way reveals that ulterior motives of each character as they embark on journey. Which sheds light on the selfish perspective of the world in which even the respect and well being of a loved one is sacrificed for individual accomplishments

Cash is the oldest son of the family. His mother’s name is Addie. The story begins with Cash building Addie’s coffin right outside her room where she’s dying as if to show off his carpenter skills to the county for more business. Jewel says “ . . .one lick less until everybody that passes in the road will have to stop and see it and say what a fine carpenter he is” referring to how disrespectful it is to build a coffin in plain sight of your dying mother and the open public. Cash seems not to care about the impact that his actions could possibly have on his mother or his loved ones. His only concern is to build the coffin.

Hanging on to only a few days of life, Addie’s husband Anse decides to send his two sons on a trip for a few extra dollars after Vernon convinces them that their mother should still be alive by the time the make it back. Vernon says “She seems more like herself today than she has in a week”. Reassuring Darl and Jewel that their mother is getting better. Although Vernon knows that the kids could potentially miss their mother’s final days, his only concern is recruiting workers. Cora says“ Mr Tull said Darl asked them to wait. He said Darl almost begged them on his knees not to force him to leave her in her condition” describing how much Darl did not want to go to work. Futhermore justifying how cold hearted and selfish Vernon is. Their family is poor, and although...
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