As I Lay Dying

Topics: Thought, Mind, Value Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: March 12, 2013
In Brother Whitfield’s one section of As I Lay Dying, he states that having the intention to do what is right is as valuable as actually acting on the intention. I disagree with Brother Whitfield, because though the thought counts, the thought isn’t the only thing that counts, and a thought is not nearly as valuable as an action. The value of an action is seen in Cash building his mother’s coffin, Tull saving Cash’s tools, and Jewel getting his horse. Cash works for a really really long time on Addie’s coffin. He also puts in a whole lot of effort, on something he didn’t even have to do. Why? Because his mother wanted him to, and he loved his mother. He wanted to honor her by building the box she would rest in forever. Sure, Cash could have easily said no, he didn’t want to build the coffin for his mother, but that would have meant nothing to anyone. By building the coffin, he showed his mom how much he loved her and that he would work as hard as he could to give her something she wanted. In honoring his mother, Cash also honored himself and had some sense of accomplishment for doing one last thing that she had wanted him to do. Cash could have had the very good intention to build a coffin for his mother, but never acted on it and it wouldn’t have meant nearly as much to her or Cash. It’s like having a dream or goal, but never doing anything to accomplish it. Its great that you have a goal, but if you don’t accomplish it then what’s the point? Action’s value is also seen when the Bundren’s wagon is upset by a log when crossing the ford. Addie’s coffin is knocked from the wagon, Cash’s leg reinjured, the team of mules drown, and Cash’s tools are lost all along the riverbed. Vernon Tull sees the wreck, and offers Jewel his help to rescue the wagon and the coffin from the river. He also helps the Bundrens search for Cash’s tools. Tull could have stood by an watched the whole ordeal unfold, simply thinking about offering his help, but he didn’t. He acted. In the...
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