As a Whole, the Internet of Today Is More Open Than Closed.

Topics: Physical security, Security, Computer security Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: February 17, 2013
As a whole, the Internet of today is more open than closed.
The Internet has considered as a great source of communication throughout the world from the beginning of it. It is a way for us to transfer and obtain information of all sorts, and it is the space where the free is mainly concerned. If the Internet gets more closed than at some point, human’s freedom will be violated more and more. Yes! We will get crazy if the Internet is more closed than open. The Internet has become a huge part of everything. However, the word, ‘open’, always comes up with the words such as ‘security’, ‘privacy’ and ‘then, how?’ Most of all of the governments in different nations carry and store their secretive information where they can access it online. Whether it is a war plan or national plan, someone can access this important information whenever they want. When it comes to national security it can become a threat to all individuals who are able to access the web. The privacy issue is a topic that must talk about when we talk about the Internet. The Internet of today is more open than closed as a whole. However, it should be more closed than open for security and privacy issue. In an article from USA today, I read about how hackers can access personal bank accounts through the Internet. Many of the websites ask for our personal information like social security, home address, and telephone numbers. If we do not put in this information, some websites do not allow us to access them at all. I think this is where the privacy started being an important issue. I strongly argue that, people has become ‘open’ than ‘closed’ about giving away and losing their information as time goes by, people should remind that the Internet is a much dangerous space than before as it is more opened. I understand that some do require personal information to sign up in cases, but it is not safe for the individual who do allow others to know. It has become the common experience nowadays that people have a...
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