As a Mass Communication Student

Topics: Media studies Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Mass Communication is a very interesting course. Like what John Phelan said, most of the students want to be in this field because the skills and talents they have fit to this course. It’s more fun and adventurous. You’ll encounter lots of people, ordinary, celebrities, politics. Go to different places. Enjoy foods and new things. And learn cultures of others. But I still can’t figure out what’s gotten into my mind in choosing Mass Communication. I even don’t want to be a public figure. As we all know, public figures doesn’t have privacy anymore. And sometimes they’re into trouble because part of their job is to criticize and give opinion on a certain issue. But that’s the consequence. Even if I work behind the camera, still my name will appear as part of the show or whatever it is that I’m into. Sometimes, to make others realize that what they do is not good anymore we must take actions for them to behave in the way we want and other people wants. And as Media personnel, being responsible is what we must also possess because the audience that we have has no age limit. Kids and youth can see us. We can be part of their growing process and we don’t want to be a bad influence to them. Instead, we want them to learn good things from us. Also for the old ones especially that they depend on us for the service of giving them the right information’s that they want to hear or to see. In return, we can feel the fulfilment that we are an effective Media Personnel. They say that in this field, you can have lots of money. Yes, if you are disciplined, hardworking and determined. But money is not important. What’s important for me now is to gain experience and to learn new things to prepare myself for the future. Those things that Phelan and Schramm said inspired and taught me a lesson not only about the things happening in Media but also about the life that later on we Mass Communication students will have.
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