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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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The movie The Princess Bride, is emotional and is truly an romantic fable. Emotions often result from the feelings experienced at different times and are conjured by one’s character and personality. However, within this fairy tale, there are many emotions that consists of love and happiness. Also, this story consist of witty relief and Biblical imagery, and the theme of unconditional love combined craft the ideal poise of the idyllic fable.

To begin with, in the Princess Bride, Buttercup realizes in order for Westley to live she has to give him up and thereafter she realizes she cannot live without Wesley. Humperdink plans to marry Buttercup and have Westley terminated. Buttercup will not marry Humperdink and will kill herself if she is not reunited with Westley. Also, a splendid paradigm is when Indigo and Fezzik are trying to help the dead body of Westley. They took him to Miracle Max and his wife Valerie who even believe Westley’s desecration will not work. Westley had no body just brains and depended on Fezzik to carry him. He plans to get them into the castle to save Buttercup from Humperdink by physically holding up the gate and breaking the door for Indigo.

Characteristically, Westley and Humperdink are arch enemies of the world. Westley is presented with compassion and hope. He is like Christ and the gift of the holy spirit. In contrast, Prince Humperdink’s covetousness paints him as the ideal reflection of Satan. Humperdink kidnapped Buttercup and plans on marrying her before Westley.

Moreover, the plot
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