As Wiz Khalifa Says: Ink My Whole Body!

Topics: Tattoo, Tattooing, Yin and yang Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: April 27, 2011
"I'm the one they call young./ Body marked up like the subway in Harlem./ N*ggas say it's "hard", white people think it's awesome./ Chest, neck tatted, whole sleeve on my arm done." People view tattooing as an odd and beautiful form of art; very interesting and more expressive of sentiment than any other thing. It is more fascinating than costly jewelry, and cannot be lost, borrowed, or stolen. It is a memento we can keep through life and retain after death.

Crismerly Perez (Invention, Design, Engineering, and Architect) has three tattoos: a bird on the left side of her chest, and a quote on each arm. The quote, in Latin, is from St. Augustine that says, "hate the sin" on one arm, and "love the sinner" on the other. A lot of people categorize her as a troublemaker for h aving a tattoo as a young female. "No one really understands that it's my way of exercising my freedom of expression or that they really mean something important to me." To Perez, the tattoos do have a significant meaning: the bird reminds her when she was going through a lot of family problems. Perez got St. Augustine's quote tatted on her mainly because of her father. "He did a lot of shady things, I hate what he's done, but I'm always going to love him." Perez mentions she will get other tattoos, but in less visible places because she wants to get a good job later on in life.

At the age of 18, many people would view Yvette Lopez's (Business and Enterprise) tattoo as silly. However, when they learn about the meaning behind it, they think she made a good choice. Lopez's tattoo is of a robot with a heart on her left wrist, which she got with her aunt on her birthday. The reason behind her tattoo is that "many people may think that robots have no feelings because they are just machines, but deep down inside, those machines feel something. My aunt and I have been through a lot. We don't show when we're going through hard times, but the feelings are always there. Our robot has a heart and...
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