As the Bell Rings

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: September 14, 2009
The school bell rings, signaling pupils to move to their next class. Period after period, day after day the same process is followed. School is boring with the same thing over and over. Schools should fit in free periods into student's schedules. There are a number of positive effects this would have on students. It would be good for teachers, provides pupils a chance to catch up and complete assignments, and in general a break from the jam-packed academics program. After working diligently all day, a chance to socialize with a few friends is exactly what you need. After going from class to class students are overloaded by work, and may even get stressed out. All that's needed is a little break would have more time to grade papers, check homework and even double check the lesson plans for the day. Some teachers aren't willing to teach, knowing they have a lot of tests to grade and other work to be completed. Some even resort to take put their anger on certain students. Having some spare time to get it done would definitely lift the weight off their shoulders. With all this said, you may still have your doubts. For example, you might say a free period might give students a better reason to cut? Maybe even a better opportunity to pull a stunt? The majority of people come to school to learn, and this free period relax in order to get ready for the start of the next period.
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