As Summer Goes and Winter Comes

Topics: Winter solstice, Wind, English-language films Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: November 13, 2007
As summer goes and winter comes

I went for a walk on Alki Beach yesterday. It was cold and windy and the beach empty. Just the cold wind and the ocean were my accompanists. On the beach were the remains of fire pits with their charred and soggy remains of firewood: telling stories of warm summer nights and parties. The restaurants were empty with hopeful servers staring out of the window, waiting for the next summer. Alki beach, a place which in summer is normally filled with thousands of people spending their leisure time, becomes an almost empty ghost town, and is filled with an odd silence with the arrival of winter. Only imagination and memories are the witnesses to its bygone spectacles. The days are getting shorter and darker, and it has almost something mystical. The nights are cold, and starry, and warm, and inviting lights shining through windows welcome thoughts of cozy and warm fireplaces. People are getting rid of their summer clothes, and storing them in boxes: making space for their thick winter pelts of felt and wool pullovers and coats. Instead of eating ice cream, people prefer hot chocolate and tea. The air turns very moist, instead of hot and dry, like in the summer, and mornings are filled with white and soft fogs. Winter is also known as a silent time, and it really is. People remain hidden in their houses. Hiding from the cold wind knocking for a way in, stealing its way through door jam cracks, and whispering its way through window panes like ghosts. Social life does not exists in the same way it did during summer when everybody was outside, and the neighbors were sharing news with you, and inviting you over for a barbeque. Seasonal changes happen fast with the help of the retail industry. Pumpkins and Christmas decorations remind us of the coming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The city soon will be filled with dramatic lights, and shop-windows are getting ready for the most spectacular decorations. Thin Summer fashion...
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