As Separate Peace Essay

Topics: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Book of Genesis Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: February 1, 2011
ohn Knowles novel, A Separate Piece, is written to show the fall of man. It has connections between Genesis and the fall of man throughout the book underlining the main story. Genesis and the fall of man are used in the novel solely to understand human nature and the good and evil living inside everyone. Throughout the book the protagonist Gene, puts himself in a competition with his best friend and biggest enemy Finny. Finny is the perfect athlete and caries along innocence and pure thoughts of life itself and others around him. Gene and Finny both show representations of Cain and Abel as well as the creation of man with Adam and Eve.

Much like Cain’s jealousy towards his brother Abel, Gene is very jealous and envious of Finny. Abel was the pure and honest brother who carried out all of Gods orders and pleased him very much, while Cain was the complete opposite. He was seen as rather corrupted and sinful. Gene, in this way, is portraying Cain because in the novel Gene realizes the strong hold that sin has on him and the strong hold on it has on his soul, and he says “ It was just some ignorance inside me, some crazy thing inside me, something blind, that’s all it was” (183). Unfortunately, Gene becomes overpowered by his jealousy towards Finny just as Cain did towards Abel. Gene’s jealousy takes control of his mind and body when he finally realizes he will never be as perfect as Finny. He will never be as good athletically or he will never be as good morally and mentally either. Gene says “there never was and never could have been any rivalry between us. I was not of the same quality as he” (59). Which shows he knows that he will never win with Finny there. The pain of Gene knowing this makes him make a very unreasonable and ridiculous action that he regrets the rest of his life. “Holding firmly to the trunk, I took a step forward and I jounced the limb. Finny, his balance gone, swung his head around to look at me for an instant with extreme interest, and...
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