As Good as It Gets Essay

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Eric ChinEthics Final Assignment

To begin, in the movie titled “As Good As It Gets”, Melvin Udall, a compulsive writer and the protagonist of the story, lives in an apartment who’s next door is Simon Bishop, an artist. In the first scene, Mr. Udall saw his neighbor’s dog in the hall way and without any control of tolerance, he suddenly tips Simon’s dog in the recycling vent. Later on, Simon unexpectedly was very shocked about the situation of his dog. He then starts to assume that Melvin was responsible for this situation and provokes him. In addition, we start to comprehend Melvin’s personality as he stereotypes one of the characters in the movie named Frank. Frank is a dark skinned man who later on begins to support Melvin through his difficulties in life. He also stereotypes Simon using abusive words and statements because he is mostly interested in men.

One day, when Frank and Melvin encounter each other in the corridor of the apartment, Melvin, using stereotypical actions, was frightened of him. This is an example of racism against black people. Every day, Melvin walks to a restaurant for breakfast and launch and meets a waitress who he is very attracted to, Carol Connelly. One of the reasons why Melvin attends to the restaurant almost every instant is to see Carol. However, Carol is the only attendant who can tolerate him and his actions. One day, Mr. Udall stopped by Carols home and impolitely, he expresses that her son should get manners when people speak to him. After his homosexual neighbor Simon, is viciously beaten, he is assigned to take care of his dog. After a while, living with the dog, Melvin starts to develop emotions and starts to like the dog. Throughout the film, Melvin Udall experiences through numerous complications towards people but keeps a respectable relation with them and expresses his heart out to Carol. In the end, both Melvin and Carol conclude by loving each other happily together.

In certain circumstances, I do not...
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