As Good as It Get

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Obsessive–compulsive disorder Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Brittney Guyton
As Good As It Gets

As Good As It Gets is a movie about a clever novelist who has obsessive compulsive disorder. He loves to offend people. He is very blunt, rude, and careless. He goes to a nearby coffee shop nearly everyday order the same thing. He brings his on silverware because he’s afraid of the germs. He wants to be waiting on by the same exact waiter every day; his daily customs drive his life forward. One such routine is eating a calorie-rich diet of flapjacks, bacon, sausage, French fries, three eggs, and extra buttered toast every day, in the same chair, at the same restaurant and served by the same waitress, Carol Connelly. He lives his life in a certain order and if it doesn’t go his way he has a fit. Melvin ignorance begins with a dog being thrown down a garbage shoot; Melvin has quite a problem of saying whatever is on his mind when he is around other people. He met his match with this one particular waiter she was blunt to the point like him. I believe because she was tired and stressed her response to him was different from everyone else. What Melvin liked about the waiter was she didn’t show emotion to his nonsense that much. The only thing that poked her was when he spoke about her sick son. He was able to see his wrong. Then, after Carol missing work to care for her sick son breaks Mr. Udall’s compulsive streak, Mr. Udall hires his editor’s husband, a leading New York pediatrician, to give personalized care to the boy so Carol can come back to work and “serve him eggs.” Not sure if it was because he wanted to help or if he just wanted his eggs. Melvin’s initial meeting with Simon and Frank in the beginning of the movie is a very interesting meet. Their first come across reflects the principal of verbal communication that language and culture reflect each other. Words like “stool pusher,” “faggot,” and “queer” are all used in this initial meeting alone. He arranges his perceptions through stereotyping, and...
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