As Far as I Concern About Heritage Building

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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As far I concern about our case study of heritage buildings (City Hall, Fort Cornwallis and Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower), in generally my feeling or respond towards that building is kindly proud. This because, basically that buildings was built in a previous year ago (since year 1786) and the reason and function are based on situation during that period. Thus, in my view we need to conserve that kind of building from rapidly development in that area because my observation the surrounding is combination of tourism and commercial area.

Firstly, as we know City Hall for example as one of existing building since British colonial and was built around 1903. Previously this kind of building was known as Municipal Office and during Georgetown was granted city title status in 1957 it was named with City Hall. Thus, even I’m not Penangnites or Penang citizen my feeling about that building is excited because one of aspect is design. If we look since it was built during British colonial, so it obvious totally looks like old English concept. Regarding the structure, aesthetic and life span of that building we can make assumption that is one of excellent and awesome heritage buildings around Penang. Hence, I hope Penang state will maintain and conserve that building to be one of landmark for world heritage. As I know during site visit and interview session with officer and workers at City Hall, Penang state was planning to do some renovation to be City Hall as public place for tourism. Previously, the function is one of department office for Penang City Council (MPPP). Besides that, Fort Cornwallis was built by Sir Francis Light and his crew of British East India Company in 1786 when they come to Penang. That is one of oldest monuments that remain until now. Basically, the function of this monument is administrative military base during British colonial plus be fort to protect Penang from pirates as well. In initially construction of structure that was built with...
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