Arvind Textile Mills

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has been witness to the Arvind Group's commitment to excellence, innovation, perseverance and undying attention to customer and societal needs. As an organization, Arvind has successfully integrated diverse businesses, services and products, unified by a common vision - of enriching lifestyles. Founded in 1931, Arvind lost no time in establishing its position as one of India's leading super-fine fabric manufacturers for the domestic market. And yet, Arvind has always felt the pulse of the market; welcoming change and reinventing itself for the challenges of a dynamic society and marketplace. This policy of change has fetched us well deserved results. Arvind's adoption of new-age fabrics has seen the Company emerge as the largest denim manufacturers in the world, while also bringing us global recognition for the manufacture of shirting, khakhi and knitted fabrics. A large and growing presence in the manufacture of ready-made garments - jeans, shirts and knits' has further seen Arvind's rise as a one-stop solution provider for leading global and domestic apparel brands. Finally, the Company's direction and rapid growth in the branded apparel and retail business along with a more recent involvement in the growing of organic cotton, has consolidated its presence through the apparel value chain. Arvind's expertise is end to end; we apply exacting standards of innovation, design and service through the journey; from its origin as a fiber of cotton in a farmer's field, all the way to its culmination as a satisfying shopping experience. And that, in fact is the feather in our cap. Mission

their mission is for people and their unlimited potential. In content and focus in problem solving. In teams for effective performance. In intellect & its power. To select, train and coach people to obtain higher responsibilities. To nurture talent to build leaders for tomorrow's corporation. To reward, celebrate and activate all intellectual business contributions.

Of excellence in all endeavours. Of mutual benefit and prosperity. Of making the world a better place to live in. We Make Things Happen.

Arvind has a strong Research and Development focus on process improvement, cost reduction and new product development. This is evident in the fact that Arvind continuously modifies its production process to enhance flexibility on the use of various types and quality of cotton. To further meet customer needs, Arvind has also introduced a new dyeing and processing method for denims.

State-of-the-art technology and equipment have made Arvind one of the top three producers of denim in the world, paving the way for the Company to emerge as a global textile conglomerate. This cutting edge position comes to Arvind courtesy technologies such as Open-end Spinning, Foam Finishing, Mercerizing, Slasher-dyeing, Rope-dyeing, Air-Jet, Projectile and Wet Finishing. It's only natural that Arvind quality fabrics are in high demand in the markets of Europe, US, West Asia, the Far East and Asia Pacific.

Company Name:| Arvind Limited|
Address:| Naroda Road
Ahmedabad – 380025
Phone:| +91-79-22208000|
Fax:| +91-79-22201270|

Own Brands

Flying MachinePopular
Ruff & Tuff
New Port UniversityLicensed Brands

Bridge to Luxury
Gant, U.S.A. 1949

Pier Cardin Paris
Cherokee| Joint Venture Brands

Bridge to Luxury
Tommy Hilfiger


Wrangler Hero

There are many delightful features of Arvind denim: An annual capacity of 110 million meters; the position of 3rd largest producer of denim in the world; and an export network of 70 countries worldwide. Prominent products in this category include ring denim, indigo voiles, organic denim, bi-stretch denim and fair trade certified...
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