Arundhati Roy's, the God of Small Things: with Close Reference to the Narrative Methods in the Following Passage, Show How Roy Reveals the Nature of Rahel and Estha’s Relationship in the Novel as a Whole.

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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With close reference to the narrative methods in the following passage, show how Roy reveals the nature of Rahel and Estha’s relationship in the novel as a whole. Estha, Rahel… Rahel, Estha… is the same person, the same soul, the same component, split up into two bodies that lived quite happily together. Their identity was found in and completed each other. However, the series of unfortunate events that led to their separation causes the demise of the twin souls and the extract all too well reveals the nature of their co-dependent relationship. The author uses a variety of literary techniques, from imagery to vivid description, irony and the variation of long and short phrases to bring this out more effectively. Rahel and Estha are a perfect completion of each other’s jigsaw puzzles. They are different yet the same, their dissimilarities bringing them even closer together. Rahel watches Estha with the curiosity of a “mother watching her wet child. A sister a brother. A woman a man. A twin a twin.” There is a stark contrast between a sister and a brother, a woman and a man. They are opposites in every possible way. However, the deliberate lack of punctuation between the comparisons alludes to the fact that as different as they may be, they are one thing are one thing at the end of the day - A twin a twin. Rahel and Estha thought of themselves together as “Me”, separately as “us”, that they “fitted together. Like stacked spoons. Like familiar lovers’ bodies.” The leader- follower relationship that Estha and Rahel had as well as the source of their deep-seated connection is evident as Rahel watches him. “He was a naked stranger met in a chance encounter. He was the one that she had known before Life began. The one who had once led her (swimming) through their lovely mother’s cunt…” Estha throughout the novel is seen as the one who takes initiative and Rahel follows through. This began with their 18 minute age difference as he “led her through their lovely mother’s...
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