Arundel Partners: the Sequel Projects

Topics: Strategic management, Trondheim Tramway stock, Strategy Pages: 21 (5474 words) Published: November 8, 2009
School of Business Administration
Portland State University
Spring 2007

Professor Melissa M. Appleyard
Mgmt. 562: Tuesday, 5:40-9:20PM, Classroom 1102 (Capital Center) CRN 61906 Mgmt. 562: Wednesday, 5:40-9:20PM, Classroom SBA 160 (Downtown) CRN 61907 BA 495 Honors(: Friday, 9:00AM-12:40PM, Classroom SBA 390 CRN 60279

Office: SBA 633, Office Hours: By Appointment (send an email for an appointment) T: 503-725-9581
F: 503-725-5850

• Text: Jay B. Barney. Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. • Prentice Hall; 3 edition (November 7, 2006)
• ISBN-10: 0131470949 or ISBN-13: 978-0131470941
(available through Amazon, etc., or in the PSU bookstore under BA 495 or Mgmt 562)

• Cases: Should be available the week before the start of the term in a Course Pack at Smart Copy (location: 1915 SW 6th; phone: 503-227-6137)

• Simulation: The Business Strategy Game

• Course Objectives
o To develop abilities for assessing competitive environments and identifying value creating opportunities in the global economy. o To acquire tools for judging performance, identifying changing industry dynamics, anticipating competitors’ responses, and leading organizational and strategy evolution accordingly. o To understand the levels of strategy creation spanning business unit-level and corporate-level decision-making. o To recognize the viewpoints and influences of a variety of stakeholders during strategy creation. o To experience how strategy formulation demands simultaneous decision-making along multiple dimensions involving innovation, other functional areas, and external relationships. o To engage in highly interactive analyses, where people are pushed to their analytical limits in a respectful way and are encouraged to take risks. o To develop competencies in strategic thinking, visioning, and risk-taking.

• Important Note:

This class will be taught in a dynamic case-method format. Everyone will be expected to attend every class and contribute to class discussions. Unless instructed otherwise, please do not surf the Internet, search content databases, etc., for material about the companies and situations that we will be analyzing before class, so everyone will have prepared the same material ahead of the class session. If you happen to have deep personal knowledge about the topic or company to be covered in a given class session, please disclose that information in your short write-up posted to WebCT.

Please do not use a laptop or other electronic devices (e.g., blackberries, cell phones, etc.) during class to ensure everyone is engaged in the flow of the analysis. Print your WebCT posting and answers to assignment questions to use during class. If you have a laptop, bring it to use with your simulation team at the end of class.

• Course Grading:

Preparation and Analysis of Readings:
10%Short write-ups posted to WebCT before each class
30%Contributions during the class discussions
Business Strategy Game Simulation:
60% Annual report, simulation performance, and presentation during finals week (see Simulation section below for details)

• Short write-ups

These short write-ups based on the readings for the day will be due by 1:00PM the day of the class session [unless you are in the Friday morning course, then your write-ups will be due at 8:30PM on Thursday]. Late submissions will not be accepted.

In addition to preparing the assignment questions for each class, please post short responses for the areas below to the course’s WebCT site in the “Discussions” area. The purpose of these postings is to have you step back and formulate a summary view of the material.

1) What you consider to be the most interesting points from the readings (link together the content from the case, the textbook, and any...
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