Artwork No.28 Critic

Topics: Finger, Hand, Ring finger Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: April 22, 2013
CGE12402 Appreciation of Western Art
Assignment #2: Art-Class Critic
Fung Yuet Yi, Zoe (53070488)
Artwork No.28

Step 1: Genre
The painting is belongs to Impressionism. The painter painted the painting based on an immediate visual impression of scene. It captured a woman sits on a chair and meditates with her hand resting on the table and her jaw in her hand. The woman in the painting is not sitting there to let the painter to draw her, but the painter drew her on the painting by his own memory to this woman.

On the other hand, the painter applied contrast colours between the woman and the background, It shows that the painter used contrast colours to create the atmosphere in the painting and to push the woman to become the theme of the painting..

Step 2: Description
In the centre of the painting, there is a woman sitting on a brown chair in front of a dark-brown table, her hand resting on the table and her jaw in her hand. The woman is wearing a scarf with a little white flower on it. Her hair has been tied with a blue ribbon.

The face of the woman is drawn in some tough lines, those lines joined together to compose her facial expression. Also, the painter has applied some cold colours like tint-green and tint-blue on her face. There are apparently some darker lines in the edge of the face of the woman to depict her contour and make a distance between the woman and the background.

The scarf which around the woman's neck is drawn in a mint colour with a little white flower on it. Also, There are some green leaves near the flower as decorations. And there is a blue ribbon tied on the hair of the woman. There are also a pair of dark-green gloves and a brown umbrella on the table.

The background was painted in shaded-yellow, yellow and tint-yellow. The woman's hands were painted in yellow hue. There is a blue-white ring put on the little finger of the woman's left hand. And the dress of the woman was painted in black, it makes a great...
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