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CubismGrade Level: High School, Section: Artists, Rating:
Summary: Cubism is a movement that shaped the twentieth century art and found new ways to present subjects geometrically. With in cubism the subject is broken up, thought about, and restructured by placing abstractly together in geometric schemes. It was an interpretation that showed unknown aspects of continuity and depth in an abstract form. (2.5 pages / 747 words) Read Essay 2005 Version of "The Legend of Zorro": Film ReviewGrade Level: College - Undergrad, Section: Film, Rating: Summary: The 2005 film "The Legend of Zorro" is a contemporary example of art in film. The movie server as a continuation of the 1998 Zorro film. It an entertaining although unbelievable retelling of the Zorro legend. (2.4 pages / 729 words) Read Essay Da Vinci's Expression of Faith Through ArtGrade Level: High School, Section: Artists, Rating: Summary: Leonardo Da Vinci used his personal beliefs to bring new interpretations to established religious themes in his art. This can be seen in his famous painting "The Last Supper," in which he portrays details in a manner inconsistent with previous conceptions of Jesus' last meal with His disciples. (2.9 pages / 878 words) Read Essay Water Theme in Romeo and JulietGrade Level: High School, Section: Film, Rating: Summary: I will be assessing Baz Luhrmann's water motif in his contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet; played by Leonardo Di caprio and Claire Danes. (3.6 pages / 1080 words) Read Essay The 13th WarriorGrade Level: High School, Section: Film, Rating: Summary: There are many...

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