Artistist Analysis of the Boswell Bottle House

Topics: Bottle, Dimension, English-language films Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: January 23, 2013
The first piece of art found for this assignment is the Boswell bottle house. It fits the criteria because it an unusual roadside work and is not found in a museum. The material used for this work was discarded embalming fluid bottles- over 500,000 of them. David H. Brown, who retired from the funeral business in 1952, began the process of creating this work by visiting western Canada to collect the square shaped embalming fluid bottles.

(Virtual Tourist, 1994-2012)
The work is three dimensional and sits upon solid rock. It was built in a cloverleaf pattern and has three main rooms that are circular in shape. Although the artist did seem to stick to the natural color of the glass, the windows are red, which helps accentuate the unusual attraction. It is said the house was initially built to be Brown’s personal home but after suffering from a lack of privacy he decided to hired a staff and make it an attraction for curious visitors. The piece doesn’t contain subject matter and is representational because it is an actual house in the real world-just built with glass bottles. Initially the house was meant to be Brown’s living quarters but curious people took the fun out of that, so the house is now a popular tourist attraction (Virtual Tourist, 1994-2012). The traditional roles of an artist exemplified by Brown are giving visible form to ideas and helping viewers see things in new, innovative ways- who would have believed something that intricate could have been created from empty bottles. The second work chosen for this discussion is a sidewalk art example by Julian Beever.

(, n.d)
This work is two dimensional and was created using chalk. It is representational in nature as it depicts a globe of the world. The picture in conjunction with the writing indicates that the artist is trying to make a statement about the poverty issues in the world. Many graffiti and street artists design their works based on issues in the world, such as...
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