Artistic Nudity

Topics: Art, Censorship, Visual arts Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Artistic Nudity
Katie Kostopoulos
East Troy High School

Artistic censorship is the downfall of high school artwork. The classroom is being subjected to rules which limit the subject of students’ work. Censorship creates a naive and uneducated society, which in turn produces more and more generations of naïve children. When a person puts their art out in the public to be judged, just that should happen. It should not be covered or hidden, censored or discarded. Art is impractically criticized based on its subject. It should be looked at as one person’s opinion, not a public’s fear.

You are lying naked, exposed and vulnerable on a hard, uncushioned wooden floor. Your innermost feelings and opinions are painted out for the world to see; you can do nothing except accept the ruthless opinions of others. Exposing yourself to the public places an indescribable pit in your stomach. It puts you in the most defenseless of positions. Your beliefs are too radical. In turn, the common man suppresses them, and your vulnerability increases. You are shut down, pushed aside and hidden in a closet where you will sit to collect dust. Your opinions are there with you. They are unwanted by the outside world, and therefore, censored.

Did you hear that dirty word just come out of your mouth? It was appalling; your mother would be ashamed of you. Censored. What were you thinking? Nothing should be censored. Nothing should sit pushed aside. It should all be out for the world to see, and to criticize. Your opinions, your artistic opinions, put into a tangible form should never, ever be hidden. Censorship is best defined as when an individual is forced to “suppress their own values, attitudes and beliefs.” (Anderson and Garoian, 1996). It is the black rectangle that covers nudity, the obnoxious bleep that blocks out profanities and the curtain that discloses art work. In high school classrooms, the issue of art censorship...
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