Artist Statement 5

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Personal Statement:


How have you explored mark making through your artworks? What has been successful or created difficulty for you?

Throughout the process of exploring mark making, different media’s and styles have been incorporated to develop a personal style. I have created this by researching different techniques and styles from a range of artists, both famous and non-famous artists such as Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely and Pablo Picasso. The most difficult part of mark making is having to explore different types of media which work well for myself and adding them with an image but meet the criteria at the same time.

How have you explored individuality through mark making? Which media creates dramatic and expressive imagery? How can mark making be subtle? Describe your most experimental approach to mark making.

In creating Artwork 2, I have explored my own individuality by adding an image I like and means something to me and researching Bridget Riley’s ‘OP art’ works to partially distort the work after I had drawn and painted one of the images. The media that creates the most dramatic and expressive imagery is having a black and white background and bright red roses on the sides which draws attention to the middle of the artwork. My experimental approach to mark making is testing which ones work right for me and if so, will they suit the type of work I have in mind.

How have you explored personal uniqueness through your manipulation of imagery? How have you manipulated and changed images from the first artwork through to the third? What do these images communicate about you/your style and or your interests? What is the overriding theme to your artwork?

My personal uniqueness is shown throughout manipulated imagery as disorienting images to change and suit the way that pleases my style. From the first, second and third artworks my personal style, in my opinion has become increasingly visible as I have experimented/edited images...
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