Artist Management

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AM 2102
Business of the Creative Enterprise II Artist Management


As more artists decide to represent themselves or to take more proactive role in the marketing of their work, this is where the role of an artist manager comes in especially when the artist could not carry out the management-related responsibilities. An artist manager is able to help enhance an artist’s career by planning out their career or even helps negotiate a contract to protect the rights of the artist.

An artist manager may not only play the role of a planner but also an adviser, organizer, strategist, overseer, coordinator, detail person, traveling companion and a friend.

The best artist manager is one who could pull everything together with effectiveness and enthusiasm to make the artist shine. The artist manager is also realistic, flexible and has a strategy for the artist to make his or her own opportunities without interfering with the artist’s creative flow. (Frascogna)

Artist’s Background

Khir Khirya is currently an undergraduate student from LASALLE College of the Arts majoring in Design Communications. Throughout his student years in the college he felt that he had accomplished his mission and fulfill his satisfaction as a student by discovering more than one ways in producing crafts and prints at its best result despite being on a strict budget.

Khir uses pen and watercolor for most of his medium and later digitalized it in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. His design style is similar to that of Pop Art and he then blends with his own personal touch. He also does photograph editing.

To Khir, being a designer is very important to him. In his own words: “ I hope to make people reconsider what they have around them. It means a lot to me when people get to see my point of view through my works.” All he wants to get across to his viewers is to show that life can be fun and colorful at times. Occasionally, he considers his works as a reflection of himself; disorganized, messy and unconventional.

Inspiration for Khir varies from all genres of music to watching MTV. He also draws inspiration from daily life. For example, he would sometimes come down and visit the space at the Fine Arts faculty just to gain some ideas. Most of his works are too highly influenced by well-known local designer, Farizwan Fajari, or better known as Speak Cryptic.

Khir’s artistic vision is to try and implement various ways of showing visual art and not stick to the conventional mediums.

Apart from designing, Khir has an incredible passion for music and plays the guitar. He has form a band with his friends called Space Dinosaurs to keep his head away from designing once in awhile. The band was inspired by the long hours being in school and while at it; he designs illustrations for the band as well.

Besides continuing with making and selling printed merchandises, a project he came up with outside school hours, he also has plans with his other classmates to collaborate and produce zines for other students.

SWOT Analysis

It is great news for any artist manager to know that his or her artist is able to produce quality works despite being on a tight budget, especially if the artist manager is new in the field. This shows that the artist would not make ridiculous demands and is able to handle tough situations and make do with whatever resources that is available around him or her. Khir is also excellent in typography designs. From here, the artist manager can roughly gauge which direction to push him into.

However after much rapport with the artist, turns out that Khir is not comfortable with commercial works. As a future designer, this could potentially be a huge problem as the relationship between designer and client is inseparable. On top of that, Khir constantly need someone to push him in order for him to complete...
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