Artist- David C. Miller

Topics: Art, Scuba diving, Ocean Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: May 30, 2013
David Miller

David C. Miller is an internationally acclaimed marine artist. His work has graced the covers of everything from greeting cards to jigsaw puzzles, but his best works are always done on lexan and canvas. His used of acrylics for paintings have earned him acclaim from art critics as well as environmentalists. His portfolio includes commissioned works for such prestigious foundations as Sea Turtles of the World, an environmental group protecting endangered sea turtles, and The Franklin Mint, part of the proceeds from the porcelain heirloom collectors plates goes to the Save The Dolphin program. His work is also shown in many prestigious Aquariums across the nation.

David’s talent as a colorist is exceptional. His extraordinary palette of colors is at once exotic, yet realistic of the habitat he paints. Certified for open water scuba, David has spent many hours diving in the beautiful waters of the Hawaiian Islands, Jamaica, California, and Mexico. Virtually all of his creations depict an aspect of the natural world. His eye-catching effects of color and light extol the artist’s sense of tranquillity and reverence he feels for marine life and is reflected in his exquisite portrayal of life both above and below the sea. He is known for his brilliantly colored tropical fish, sea turtles, and most of all his dolphins and whales frolicking just below the surface of the deep, clean blue ocean in his "above and below" pieces. David’s art is shown in scores of galleries across the United States, Japan, Australia, and Europe. His stunning and distinctive images are highly collected through his superior quality prints which reproduce his artwork with breathtaking accuracy. We can immerse ourselves in his artistic vision of the hidden frontier --- the undersea world of shipwrecks and marine life, and his above the water scenes of lighthouses and tropical waterfalls. Coupling his artistic talent with a degree in technical drafting David began his career as a...
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