Artist David Hockney

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Diana Johnson
ART 121

David Hockney (b. 1937)

I. Artist David Hockney is considered one of the most influential British artists of the Twentieth century. He has lived in Los Angeles off and on since 1977; where the Pacific Ocean light and the liberal social attitudes have had a marked influence on Him and his work. David Hockney recorded significant incidents with those who Mean so much to him, observed timely events, and reportedly made portraits Communicate a relationship or a pleasurable moment in time. II. In 1948, David Hockney won a scholarship to the Bradford Grammar School, one of The best schools in the country. He enjoyed his Art classes the most and decided he Wanted to be an artist. He drew comics for the school newspaper. He was a likeable And intelligent student with many friends.

In 1953, David Hockney enrolled in the College of Art and began painting with oils, his Medium of choice for most of his life. He learned that painting was a process of seeing And thinking rather than one of imitation.

III. David Hockney loved the artwork of a painter named Francis Bacon. Hockney took The National Diploma in Design Exam. He graduated with honors and then enrolled In the painting school of the Royal College in London two years later, where and when He would gain national attention as an artist. His artwork was poetic and tended to Tell stories. The intensity and virtuosity of his paintings monopolized reality and Truth. His artwork shows quietness of subject, flatness of space and subtle reduction Of form.

IV. By embracing all sorts of technology and media Hockney has made his art accessible To people everywhere. He has used art to show personal state and meaning. Ironically his artwork caused...
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