Topics: Vitebsk, Expressionism, Art Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Afremov. Afremov is a Russian- Israeli artist who works mainly with a palette-knife instead of regular brushes and oils. He was born on July 12, 1955. He graduated from Vitebsk Art School and he was one of the elite members of that school. He developed his own unique technique and style. He is mainly known as being a self-representing artist because he sells and promotes his work over the internet. He was a struggling artist because he couldn’t sell his paintings before the advancement of online sales and eBay. A couple of reasons he stuck out to me are: he paints very colorful, he creates vivid scenes full of bright colors and watery reflections, and the brightness to make his paintings positive and joyous.

Leonid Afremov was a modern impressionistic artist. Impressionism is a 19th century art movement that originated with a group of Paris-based artists. He was born in the same town as Marc Chagall in Vitebsk, Belarus and lived there until 1990. Marc Chagall later became Afremov’s role model. Then, Afremov lived in Israel between 1990 and 2002, from 2002 to 2010, in Florida, and now, he resides in Mexico. Afremov did painting with oil and palette-knife. He paints mainly landscape, seascapes, landscapes, city scenes, flowers, and portraits. He loves cats and other animals. He also has painted many paintings of cats, dogs, horses, tigers, and giraffes. His paintings are extremely colorful, lovely, and professional. Palette-knife is incredibly difficult to master. It took Leonid 10 years to improve his palette-knife handling skill. He has become well known for his distinctive style.

Afremov attended all the possible art classes offered in his school and also took private lessons from local artists. He was admitted in Vitebsk Education Institute where he studied arts and graphics after he graduated with honor from high school in Vitebsk. He was introduced and later was influenced to the work of March Chagall and Modigliani. His early artistic work was very...
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