Artisan the Performer

Topics: Marilyn Monroe, American film actors, Ronald Reagan Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: September 21, 2008
Artisan the Performer
My personality/temperament results showed me to be a Performer Artisan. Performers have the special ability to delight those around them with their warmth, their good humor, and their tendency to excel in music, comedy, and drama. They are exciting and full of fun and they have a great social interest in influencing others around them to lighten up and enjoy life. Performers are plentiful and make up over 10% of the population. Performers aren’t comfortable being alone and seek the company of others as much as possible. They are smooth, talkative, and witty, and are quick to make wisecracks and wordplay. They like to live in the fast lane and are lively and uninhibited. Their knack for enjoying life is good for the most part, but they are more subject to temptations than other types and are open to trying anything that promises them a good time. Performers will avoid troubles and worries as long as it is possible. They are also the most generous of all the types, second only to the Composer Artisans in kindness, what is theirs is yours and they seem to have little idea of saving or conserving. If at all possible, they will give what they have to one and all without expecting anything in return. Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Ronald Regan, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe are all Performer Artisans. In my opinion I think that these results about my personality are very accurate. I am generally outgoing and fun and I love to be in the company of others whenever I can. I tend to make jokes whenever situations start getting serious and avoid confrontations and worries until I am forced the acknowledge them. I will help anyone out in every way that I possibly can, even if it causes an inconvenience to me and this causes me to be easily taken advantage. Singing and listening to different kinds of music are two of my favorite things to do and I love to color and draw whenever I have the time. I will try almost anything once as long as I will have a...
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