Artificial Passenger: An Interactive Artificial Intelligence Application

Topics: Natural language processing, Telematics, Speech recognition Pages: 11 (3490 words) Published: February 5, 2011
ARTIFICIAL PASSENGER-An interactive Artificial Intelligence
Anushree N.S., L.Kavyashree
5th semester, department of ISE ,BITM , Bellary.

Abstract-Usually, an automobilist interacts with the other passengers to stay alert during a journey. This methodology may not actually help him to the mark. But, an application of the artificial intelligence can fix the issue. It is called as “Artificial Passenger”.

An artificial passenger (AP) is a telematic service which acts as a life-safety system and basically helps an automobilist. An artificial passenger (AP) is a device that would be used in a motor vehicle to make sure that the driver stays awake.

AP can also hold a conversation with a driver, telling jokes and asking questions intended to determine whether the driver can respond alertly enough. In this a camera could be used to evaluate the driver’s “facial state” and a voice analyzer to evaluate whether the driver was becoming drowsy. The AP system facilitates the driver with microphone, door lock sensor, temperature indicator, odor sensor. If a driver seemed to display too much fatigue, the artificial passenger might be programmed to open all the windows, sound a buzzer, increase background music volume, or even spray the driver with ice water. It has been shown in various experiments that well designed voice control interfaces can reduce a driver’s distraction compared with manual control situations. Artificial passenger detects whether the driver is affected by alcohol or drugs. One of the ways to reduce a driver’s cognitive workload is to allow the driver to speak naturally when interacting with a car. It even helps in critical situations like- when the driver gets a heart attack, it can inform the nearby vehicles through signals.

This paper presents the Artificial Passenger as the interactive Artificial Intelligence for safe driving.

Keywords- Artificial passenger, telematics, ASR, NLP, voice recognizer, artificial intelligence, touch sensors, microphone, eye tracker, conversational planner. I.INTRODUCTION
Studies of road safety found that human error was the sole cause in more than half of all accidents. Fatigue causes more than 240,000 vehicular accidents every year. In a national telephone poll sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, one in

five drivers said they had fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in the past year.

Fig. 1. An image showing drowsy driver

Currently, drivers who are alone in a vehicle have access only to media such as music and radio entertainment which they listen to passively or they could have taken one of the following or all the below precautions to avoid drowsiness.

1. Use of stimulation drinks (e.g.: coffee or tea)
2. Some tablets to prevent sleeping.
3. Miniature system installed in driver’s hat.
Often these do not provide sufficient stimulation to assure wakefulness. In order to overcome these inefficient methods telematic devices can be used. The term “telematics” refers to automobile systems that provide a variety of emergency and navigational services to motorists.

Automotive engineers for years have experimented with many systems to detect drowsy drivers. Some use light beams or infrared sensors to measure head position or motion. Others involve devices to be worn like the earpiece of a hearing aid, using a switch to sound an alarm if the head moves from normal alignment. One of the ways to address driver safety concerns is to develop an efficient system that relies on voice instead of hands to control telematic devices. Telematics which is the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies for automobile systems is a rich source of resource in Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI). Telematics combines automakers, consumers, service industries and computer companies which is how IBM fits in. It knows a thing or two...
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